Background of GBS:

Gram Bikash Sangstha (GBS) is a non-profitable, non-political, non-partisan and non-governmental development organization of northern Bangladesh. Gram Bikash Sangstha (GBS) was established in 1991 at Gabtoli upazila of Bogra District and from the very beginning started it’s development journey with the aims to establish the rights and to improve and bring the change of the socio-economic status of the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and under-privileged people specially for the violence against women and girls of the society. Through organizing under privileged male and female persons of the society GBS  is working on various social issues like as: awareness raising, establish rights and good governance in everywhere, provides legal supports and  advocacy for the violence against women and girls, conducts need assessment on neglected, ignored persons with disabilities, extreme poor and under privileged poor people of the society, based on their needs GBS provides micro-finance loan as their self-employment through enhancing their skills and capacity, ensure women participation in all level, increase literacy rate, decline illiteracy through non-formal education, establish child rights, ensure maternity service of women, reduce mortality rate of mother & children, elimination of undernourishment, ensure safe drinking water & sanitation facilities, awareness raising on implementation of disaster tolerance and environmental friendly agriculture activities through  increasing capacity of the community people, make liaison, linkage, coordination and interrelationship among different government and non-government organizations, make interrelationship among national and international service providers and organizations through  combined  activities implementation. GBS also make awareness raising activities on climate change and disaster risk reduction including enhancing capacity of the community people through training, IGA and emergency supports. . 

Vision of GBS: GBS vision is to establish hunger and poverty free society with improved socio-economic condition through empowering of neglected, ignored persons with disabilities, extreme poor and under privileged poor people of the society by ensuring their rights and good governance.

Mission of GBS: Establishing rights, dignity and Upliftment socio-economic status of the

neglected, ignored persons with disabilities, extreme poor and under privileged poor people of the society

through raising awareness, education, economic development, training and creating employment


Goal of GBS: The overall goal of GBS is to achieve sustainable development in socio-economic status, establishing rights and good governance of the neglected, ignored persons with disabilities, extreme poor and under privileged poor people of the society as well as creating resilience environment on the climate change issues.


  • To unite& organize the neglected, destitute and under privileged male and female in the society.
  • To establish and strengthen rights and dignity of the disabled person in the society.
  • To rehabilitate the disabled persons in the mainstream of development. 
  • To  raise awareness of the target beneficiaries to become conscious
  • To assess the need and demand of the beneficiaries and provide need based / trade based skill / vocational training to create employment opportunity.
  • To establish good governance in all sphere.
  • To raise awareness against dowry, Divorce, early marriage, violence  etc
  • To ensure access and participation of the women in all development activities.
  • To ensure gender equality in all steps of development activities.
  • To raise literacy rate through providing formal & non-formal education.
  • To reduce mortality & morbidity rate of mother & child and increase health & nutrition awareness of the beneficiaries.
  • To develop the safe water & sanitation condition.
  • To strengthen capacity of the people to meet disaster, by pre disaster preparedness and post disaster need based immediate and long term relief and rehabilitation services.
  • To develop economic status through livestock, fish culture and agro-based activities.
  • To develop relationship between national and international agencies for joint collaboration.
  • To reduce HIV/AIDS by implementing suitable activities. 


  • Team work
  • Group Formation for the hard-core poor and disabled person.
  • Coordination & combination of male and female in all development activities.
  • Creativity and innovativeness.
  • Establish rights of the Persons with Disability (PWD) and ensure education for all.
  • Professional skill development of the staff personnel.
  • Access of women in all development activities enabling Gender Equity.
  • Building network with other Go/NGO/partners.

Organizational Ethics:


Practice a process of decision making at grass root level and best utilization of local resources towards the socio-economic development of the disabled persons and    under privileged poor people. 


                        v Transparency.                 v Accountability.                 v Participation of women.

v Honesty and Sincerity.    v Commitment.         v Honor to women and disabled.

Legal status:

               Gram Bikash Sangstha (GBS) has been registered with  following  

               Departments of Bangladesh government:


Division/MinistryRegistration no.DateRenewal  date:
Department of Social WelfareBogra-445/9305-09-1993
NGO Affairs BureauDhaka-121312-11-199712-11-2017-11-11-2027
Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA)01758-02082-00499                02-05-2010

Tax Identification Number (TIN) of GBS: 133732755632.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Number of GBS : 6161064819.

Target People:

Persons with disability (PWD) like Deaf blind/CBR.Widows, divorced, abandoned women.Women of the disadvantaged family.Women of land-less, asset-less and marginal farmers.Women of woman-headed family.Poor families who are affected with natural calamitiesChildren of the target families.  

v Good Governance                                     v Savings and Micro-credit program

vDisability development and Rights             v Skill Development Training         

v Gender Equality                                       v Health program

v Child Rights and development                  v Agriculture development program

v Livelihood Program                                   v Housing Program         

v Disaster preparedness                              v Relief and rehabilitation 

v Education program

v Social awareness activities

v Rehabilitation of destitute children and women

v Forestry and Environment program

v Training (Capacity building and income generating)

Program’s Focus:                         

The main focus of GBS is to address the different perspective of livelihood. The main focus of the GBS, works are to:

  • Persons with Disability (PWD) are being given Physical therapy and under the mainstreaming process they are being provided education and financial support, good governance activities by GBS.
  • Poor and ultra-poor male and female villagers are being literate and also been provided IGA training support by GBS.
  • To make free from the cycle of poverty poor and ultra-poor male and female villagers are being provided loan facilities by GBS.
  • Ensure people’s participation and strengthen the capability of them in responding natural disaster and in development process.
  • To improve the people’s livelihood status through empowerment of poor and distressed group members especially women group members.
  • Encourage people in Agriculture production and involve more and more people as a part of alternative means of employment.
  • Ensure immediate response at any kinds of women exploitation and oppression.
  • Disseminate Gender concept at every spare of life.