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Combatting Gender Based Violence Project

Introduction:  An integrated and sustainable / sustainable initiative needs to be taken at the individual, family, organizational and social level to prevent gender based violence, and to this end the CGBV project has been launched in Bangladesh to prevent gender based violence. Evidence-based data on the positive participation of men in the development of the self-esteem of women and girls, in the establishment of an egalitarian society, is extremely important in challenging the prevailing anti-traditional attitudes that push women and girls towards inferiority. A supportive environment must be created at the individual and community level so that women and girls can work with dignity and respect at home, at work, at school or in public. The CGBV will work closely with senior district-level organizations and all organizations such as: local government, civil society organizations, women’s organizations, educational institutions and workplace leaders and work in partnership with local key stakeholders to support sustainable development.

  • Project Name: Gender Based Violence Prevention Project in Bangladesh (CGVB)
  • Scope of the program: End violence against women.
  • Implementation period: April-2018-December-2022
  • Funding: DFATD, Canada
  • Implementation Partner: UN Women Bangladesh.
  • Project Location: Nagjapri, Patuakhali, Comilla.

In Bogra district, GBS Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Bogra Chamber of Commerce, Dupchachia Upazila and Bogra Bhandar Jute and Twin Industries are working to prevent violence. The main focus of this project is to implement the 2009 directives of the Hon’ble High Court, to form a five-member committee on prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace and to formulate policies on prevention and remediation of sexual harassment. (Code of Conduct against Discrimination, Harassment, and Torture)

The Lunching Ceremony of sexual harassment policy on Bogura Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

This was a discussion program regarding “Lunching of zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy”. The main theme was given an overall briefing on Combating Gender-Based Violence (CGBV) project to all factories under bogura Chamber of Commerce and all government offices. Equal contribution of women should be ensured everywhere is the main goal. Combating Gender-based Violence (CGBV) program can help to operate sexual harassment committee. Government officials and all the participants have committed to act against women violence. The proper way of implementing the High Court directives of 2009 and ways to reach more people to aware was also discussed in this event. All participants will learn about the CGBV project. Khurshid Jahan Kona, Inspector of Police, SP Office, was present as the invited guest in the meeting Prodip Kumar Vatracharge, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Karatoa and Alhaj Enamul Haque Dulal, Vice-President of Bogra Chamber presided over the function. Among the invited guests were Assistant Director Sub-Formal Education Bura Bogra DC Office, Advocate Ashrafun Nahar Swaspana, Blast Coordinator, Women and Child Help Dex Officer of Sadar and Kahalu Upazilas and participants from different sectors. Also present was Toshiba Kashem Program Coordination Analyst EVAW Project, a representative of UN-Women. Md Tarekuzzaman Coordinator CGBV project, Christian Aid discussed the policy. The main objective of this policy is to create conducive working environment free from all forms of harassment and violence by raising awareness among the employees and stakeholders of all levels of the organization about sexual harassment.

Participants Speech:

Md. Ahsan Habib Regional manager Gender Mainstream BRAC He said that Bogra Chamber really deserves praise for formulating this policy. He thanked UN Women and Christianity for this great initiative. No one in the business knows about such an initiative. However, if such initiatives of Bogra Chamber are implemented in all the institutions of Bogra, a truly women friendly and safe working environment will be created. Md. Rokib Coordinator Light House He said that if there is a good environment, the quality of work and production will increase. This will benefit the owner. So this initiative of the chamber really deserves praise. If such policies are formulated and implemented in all workplaces, both employers and workers will be better off. He added that NGOs easily accept such High Court directions. Implementing those guidelines in government departments requires a lot of time and challenges. District Legal Officer Advocate Sardi Shabnam Mithun said the chamber committee and policy formulation has undoubtedly done a good job. There is a need to formulate policies with committees to prevent all forms of violence in the workplace and the superiors of all the organizations should have a leading role in the implementation of the policy. Everyone needs to be aware of this. Advocate Ashrafu nahar Sapna Blast Coordinator Bogura said we like to talk about sexual harassment; we don’t do anything at work. She said that the policy should clearly state what the minor offenses are, what will be the punishment for minor offenses and how long it will take action, what action will be taken against false allegations, and within how long. She further said that if there is harassment by someone outside the organization then it is necessary to mention what steps the organization can take in this case. Prodip Kuma Vottacharga Journalist, Daily Korotoya He Said There is happened some of sexual harassment issues at the factory level but they are not sharing with others due to afraid of losing the job. So it is important to have a complaint box. Such a policy could be the ultimate tool for preventing violence in every workplace, not just factories. Every day there are reports of various incidents of violence in the papers. But violence in the workplace is rare because no one is afraid to break up the family. This kind of violence will be reduced to some extent if all the institutions like the Chamber move forward. He hopes to formulate a policy with a committee in his organization. Police Inspector Khurshid Jahan Kona said that allegation it is everyone’s sole duty to protect his privacy and the privacy of those against whom the lawsuit was filed also needs to be protected. On behalf of women workers, she said, she would not seek sympathy in all matters but would seek help. Showing sympathy can one day lead to any kind of violence. So everyone in the workplace needs to be aware. At the end, she said, she sought the help of DC to formulate such sexual harassment policy in all government departments of Bogra district just like the sexual harassment policy has been formulated in Bogra Chamber. SI Rozina Kahalu, a woman and child help desk officer, said there was a need to raise awareness in all factories. If they organize a meeting and invite us, we will be able to highlight the importance of the issue in a better way. It is essential for the government to have SH policy in all workplaces to achieve SDGs. Md sairul Islam Driector of BCCI said sexual harassment is a sensitive issue. It is very difficult to prove that someone has been sexually harassed in a space. It is possible to eradicate it from society by enforcing strict laws and raising awareness. Issues related to sexual harassment cannot be discussed openly, so a committee should be formed headed by the female member. We have taken steps to form sexual harassment committee in all the factories in the BCCI. If we all come forward in the light of guidance, it will be possible to prevent sexual harassment. Md Alhaz Enamul Haque Dulal Vice President, Chamber of Commerce, Bogura said there is no problem with sexual harassment in the BCCI Industrial area. We take action in case of any minor problems. We are issued letters to all the factories under BCCI to form Sexual harassment committees. He added that the Bogura Sadar police and bogura Police Super (SP) Office were working to prevent sexual harassment. He sought the advice of all present for the development and implementation of this policy. He vowed to keep all factories under the chamber free of violence.

 Inception meeting With Dc office and DAW office (District):

Inception meeting With Dc office and DAW office (District) The main theme was giving an overall briefing about the CGBV project to the Inception meeting With Dc office and DAW office (District) and brief discussion about the Present Situation of sexual Harassment in Bogura District .Participants discussed about scope of reducing sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the time of COVID-19. The proper way of implementing the High Court directives of 2009 and ways to reach more people to aware was also discussed in the event. All the participants were aware and knew clearly about the CGBV project, they were discussing the way of maintaining good interrelation with all the organization / department so that, victim /survivor get services and support.

What did the participants discuss on?

Shohelia Akhter CGBV project Focal person of GBS discussed about the main objective of the program – introducing ourselves with other members of the taking suggestions and advice from the effective implementation of the project activity. Shohelia Akhter discussed about the project goal and its activities with the public and private sector for the prevention and protection of GBV and sexual harassment. GUK Astha project Coordinator Md Moklaser Rahman said 73% of women and Adolescent are victims of violence based on their circumstances. Physical, mental, and sexual abuse are now common place. Now is the time and we needed to coordinate all the projects to build the barrier system. All NGO are busy with the performance of the project, and then it is up to the people to observe whether the change of heart is right. Protecting the success and sustainability of the work at this point is very woundless. District Women Welfare officer Aylun nahar said two-third of the projects on women’s issues are ongoing to District women welfare office. If everyone does the same thing then there is a possibility of doubling .so it would be better if everyone could implement a different process on Activity and strengthen work monitoring. She hopes to collaborate for the project. She said that Bogra has no safe home to keep the women, children and adolescent. Most people are reluctant to do so in Rajshahi, Swelling is a very serious problem. Md.Rakibul islam light house said The area in which the project will be implemented is Survey? If not, it is necessary to survey before starting work. Bogra Social welfare officer aynin sultana said that Steps need to be taken to activate all committees that prevent of all violence. She plans to help these different types of Survivor. She requested DC to implement a safe home for women and children victims of violence. ADC Uzzole kumer gosh said that he would like to thank UN-WOMEN, Christain-aid GBS for implementing the project. In the current context, violence is on the rise specially working place in public places. Most of the Survivors not open their mouths despite being tortured all areas of action would be to form a grievance committee in accordance with the policy of 2009 of the Rule High Court.  He also said they Skills development training is required. He hopes to be the focal person with the direction of the project. Md.Ziaul Haque DC Bogura said Human values ​​are no longer working; now human beings are the equivalent of animals. He said the Project articles are good. Grievance Gender Committee sitting in the government office. Now it is just a matter of mobilizing him.The old committee needs to do everything and this time .He will guide the Govt project. Encourage everyone to work in one place Collaborate in all aspects including project direction He said he would take initiative in the matter of safe home He concluded the meeting wishing overall success of the project He will end the meeting by thanking Un Women CA  & GBS

Any quote mentioned by the particular participant that can be highlighted in the Event ?

Honorable DC Sir said we want our work place of action to be Violence free.


What was the discussion theme of the activity?

Female Football match was conducted by Shohelia akhter Local Coordinator she introduces everyone. Farhana Afroz Manager Gender & Inclusion iva Apa Un women,Female member of Narhatto Union Parished and GBS management  present the Football match. Describes the Event objective Farhana Afroz Manager Gender & Inclusion

Factory Worker Football Tournament

Factory Worker Football Tournament

Objectives: * A male-dominated society to take the lead in developing women’s leadership. * To make all men and women aware of the importance of entertainment and women’s rights. * For women to dust off that game and gain recognition as a part of society.

CGBV project to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March. Following this, football match competitions are organized with women workers on the occasion of Women’s Day. All women work in factories as well as housework. In a male-dominated society, women’s movement is very limited. They do not know about their rights. Then you can’t think of entertainment again. Women who are mentally abused will never be able to keep up As a result, their morale breaks down and the pace of his life slows down. So both men and women are equal in the workplace. There is no alternative to women leadership to hold their morale. Covid 19 Women will lead the world in the corona period New Equality World. Women’s Football Match 2021 is celebrated with this theme in mind. 2 teams performed in the game. The yellow ribbon team won with 2 goals. There was a lot of competition in the game. In the end, it was decided to form a team by selecting players from among them.

Guest speech:

  • Anjuara, a woman member of the narhatto union said that women are moving forward. Now they have to strive for their rights. We women can’t talk. So with the help of everyone, we have to go here. He was really impressed by the football match. He concluded by wishing for the betterment of women workers. GBS management representative Saju Mia said women could not do such a thing. It is our responsibility to take them forward. With a heavy environment, they will be able to go much further Expressed hope. UN Women Representative Eva Apa said the project is working to create a supportive environment. As part of that we enjoyed a football match really good rage. Farhana Papa said a football team could be formed with women. Those will dust the game on different days. As a result, a leadership attitude can be formed among them.

Rally, discussion meeting, quiz competition and cultural event held on 8th March at Dupchachia upazila parishad, Bogura.

Upazila Chairman, Upazila vice Chairman, UNO, UWAO, journalist, students, upazila level govt. officials Were present in the event. Toshiba Kasem, Program Coordination Analyst from UN Women was present in the event. During the program, he was assisted by the organization of Suncap, Banner, Breakfast Venue and Decoration. At the beginning of the program, balloon lifting and colorful rally of Women’s Day 2022 was held. The program was conducted by the Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer.

Md. Abu Tahir Upazila Executive Officer of Dupchanchia Upazila presided over the discussion. The discussion was attended by Upazila Chairman, Vice Chairman, Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer, UN Representative Toshiba Kashem Program Coordination Analyst EVAW, Mr. Tarekuzzaman Project Coordinator CGVB Project Christian Aid and Upazila government officials. At the end of the discussion, the members of Kishori Kishori Club took part in the quiz competition. The program ended with a cultural program.

Rally and a discussion meeting on IWD held in today at DC Office Bogura. DC, Bogura, ADC, DWAO, DD-Social Welfare, District Information Officer, district level govt. officials, NGO representatives, journalists were participated in the event. CGBV Project provided sun cap and leaflet on IWD for the participants of the event. Discussions were held in the conference room at the end of the rally. The Deputy Commissioner presided over the function. The Deputy Director conducted the overall program of the district women’s affairs.

A discussion meeting held in SP Office Bogura. SP, Bogura and others police officers, staffs, district level govt. officials, NGO representatives; journalists were participated in the event. CGBV Project provided sun cap and leaflet on IWD for the participants of the event. Punak President Mahmuda Khatun and Co-President Dil Afroz Jahan were the invited guests at the event. The program was presided over by Sudip Kumar Chakraborty SP Bogra

Volleyball match and discussion meeting and prize distribution ceremony held at Bogura vander Jute& Toain Industries Khalo Bogura  on 11 March 2022.

The day celebration on the occasion of March 8 at the factory level is held on March 11 due to the work being done in the factory. The event included discussion meetings and volleyball competitions with women workers, loud games, men’s rosary teaching, and music pillow games. The event was attended by discussion meetings and sports and award ceremonies, Narhat UP members, factory management officials, production managers and women and men workers. In the discussion meeting, the significance of March 8 was highlighted and the CGBV project of Sohelia Aktar Gram Bikash Sangstha GBS bogura was discussed. 35 participants participated in the game. Leaflets, brochures, snacks and prizes were distributed at the end of the ceremony.

Accountant Khairul Islam said March 8 is observed like every year. Due to the work pressure of the factory, we have organized the event on the 11th. He said that this day should not be limited to discussion only. In order to make the day fruitful, it is necessary to sit down with the factory level workers and employers and inform them about the rights of the workers. We have to pay special attention to women workers in particular. Employers need to be empathetic to restore the work environment. He believes that if the working environment is good, the production of the factory will also increase So much so that both the worker and the owner will benefit.

Monowara Begum, a woman member (member of the factory grievance committee), said such days are held at school and college. This kind of factory level discussion and volleyball competition really deserves praise from those who organized this event. She said that such entertainment would help in bringing about a change in the mindset of rural women. Competitive attitude will develop among them. He said that it is very nice that women have never seen a ball playing in the field. Seeing the spontaneous participation of all women, it seemed that everyone would win. They are played quite competitively. He thanked the Village Development Agency and Christian Aid If we can celebrate all these days every year, it will create an entertaining mood among women.

Tahera, a woman worker, said that every time a play program is organized with women. This is the first time that a game has been organized to put a garland around the neck of the first male female worker. Everyone enjoyed the game. Everyone expressed satisfaction. Everyone has taken entertainment as entertainment. It has been possible to have a good event with apples. Both men and women work in the factory so this kind of game will make everyone happy.